(2015 – 2019)

President: Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC)



Toronto Watercolour Society

Guest Artist Speaker and Demonstration at the Toronto Watercolour Society.



Juror: Toronto Watercolour Society

"Aquavision" - 31st Annual Fall Juried Exhibition



Vice-President CSPWC


(2012-2013), (2014-2015), (2016-2017)

Exhibition:  International Watercolour - Museo Nacianal de la Acuarela, Mexico

"World of Watercolor"

Founded by the watercolour master Alfredo Guati Rojo, the International Biennial Watercolour in Mexico is, without any doubt, the most representative in the world of watercolour painting technique, the variety of its contemporaneous themes, cultures and traditions of the exhibiting countries. Nineteen countries were represented in this exhibit and Rayne was selected as one of the 6 artists from the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour to represent Canada.



Etobicoke Art Group (EAG)

The 48th EAG Annual Juried Show

Jurors: Rayne Tunley and Y.M.Whelan



Central Ontario Art Association (COAA)

"Crossection 2012" juried exhibition in the Holcim Gallery of the new Milton Centre for the Arts.

Juror: Rayne Tunley


(2012 - to date)

Elected Board of Director, Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC)


Clarkson Society of Artists

Instruction: Watercolour Workshop

Clarkson Society of Artists is one of Mississauga's oldest art groups.


(2009 – 2010)

Rainbow Art Workshops
Instruction: Watercolour Workshops- held in October 2009 and 2010 near Port Dover, Ontario.

October 2009: Watercolour - Beginners to Intermediate
October 2010: Engaging your Art Spirit



Toronto Watercolour Society

Guest Artist Speaker and Demonstration at the Toronto Watercolour Society.

Demonstrated various watercolour techniques to the members of the society and exhibited a number of paintings. This presentation included a slide show of her work as well as the animated short, "Twisted Tots", where Rayne had painted the moving backgrounds in watercolour.



Rayne Art Studio

Instruction: Watercolour Workshop

in High Park, held in Artist's studio


(2012 – 2013)

Rayne Productions

Artist/Instructor/Art Director
Artist, Instructor, Director: Design, Painting, Graphic Design, Paintings

Layout and Design Projects: publications, brochures, advertisements, flyers, etc. Exciting and enticing presentations: artwork, panels, booklets, brochures, PowerPoint. 

Rayne continues to be highly involved in the Fine Arts and continues her professional involvement in her approach to her painting in watercolour, acrylic, oils and mixed media.


(2002 – 05)

Horus Productions and Rayne Productions Inc.

Art Director, Producer

Horus Productions and Rayne Productions Inc. is a connection of creative energies between two companies

Frederick Marcello Wilmot is the Lead Director of Animation of Horus/Rayne, and is the President of Horus Productions, whereas Rayne is Art Director and President of Rayne Productions.

 Productions between them have included:

“Twisted Tots”, a short animation film for Bravo!FACT  (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent,  - Jan, 05 grant completed)

Kahani/Ranabanana. – a company devoted to creating original  children’s entertainment and educational products about India


(1986 – 2005)

Art Portfolio Travel Workshops

Coordinator, Art Consultant and Instructor: France 2004, Itlay’98, France’97, Indonesia ’96, Alaska ’94, Greece ’93, Austria ’92, France ’90, Ireland ’88, Yugoslavia ’87, England/Wales ’86, France ’04, Ireland ‘05


(2002 – 03)     

Max the Mutt Animation School

Classical Animation.

Instruction: Principles of Drawing, Fine Arts foundation studies

Instruction: Principles of Colour and Waterbased Media, Fine Arts foundation studies


(1998 – 2002)

Wack Wack Animation Limited

Creative Director, Producer,  Co-owner       

Lorayne Tunley was the Creative Director, Producer and Co-owner of Wack Wack Animation Limited where she followed the administration, production and the direction of the artwork produced for other studios, as well as Wack Wack’s own Animation. Involved in this process included financing, budgeting of productions, promotion, production scheduling, deadlines, list and template supervision, review and delivery of shipments, co-ordination and liaisons with the clients, artist co-ordination, and artist supervision.

In order to meet deadlines for the heavier design shows, such as Redwall II and III (Nelvana), she wrote, designed and implemented a computer program for the Wack Wack studio. This allowed Wack Wack to have the freedom to adjust and create the templates in the design packages and co-ordinate them with the lists with ease. This manipulation on the computer facilitated the functioning of the studio to increase the productivity for the client without jeopardizing the quality of workmanship.


Wack Wack Animation Limited Credits

The following shows were produced at the Wack Wack Animation studio during

1997 – 2001 utilizing the talents of approximately 15 to 30 artists, depending on the projects performed. All artists who were involved in the following shows are Canadian citizens.

2001: Rescue Heroes: Background colour keys, Nelvana

2001: Dr. Dolittle: Conceptual Designs, Nelvana

2001: Redwall III: Character, Location, Prop Designs, Nelvana

2000: Redwall II: Character, Location, Prop Designs, Nelvana

1998–2000: Various TV. Commercials: Bubu Lubu, Lucky Charms, Hardware store commercial, Pascal Blais

Hardware store commercial, Young Drivers, Michael Mills Productions

1999: Freaky Stories: Storyboards, Funbag

1999: Tales from the Cryptkeeper: Design, Nelvana

1999: Anne of Green Gables: Layout and Posing, Sullivan Entertainment

1998: Sabrina: Conceptual Character, Prop, Location Designs, DIC Entertainment

1998-1999: Babar, the series: Character, Prop, Location Designs, Technical Design, Nelvana

1998: Maggie and the Ferocious Beast:   Design, Nelvana

1998: Bob and Margaret: Layout and Posing, Nelvana

1998: Ned’s Newt: Layout/Posing, Nelvana

1997: Joseph: Key Animation, Bardel/Dreamworks,

1997 – 1998: Rainbow FishLayout/Posing, Funbag

1997 –1998: Anthony AntLayout/Posing, Funbag,



Elected as a Member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC)


(1990 – 98)

Sheridan College, Oakville Campus


Classical Animation Department. Instruction of watercolour painting (including Acrylic, Gouache, Mixed Media). Designed/taught colour theory, composition, and painting techniques. Designed the 3rd year Visual Language program.


(1978 –90)      

Instruction: Watercolour Workshop

Watercolour I, Watercolour II, Landscape Painting, Drawing and Painting. Continuing education department evening, summer and specialty programs.

Assistant Instuctor: Assisted Watercolour seminar with noted American Artist, Judi Betts – April


(1987 – 90)

Instruction: Watercolour Workshop

On location Drawing and Painting workshops (Composition, Drawing, Colour and Watercolour techniques – July)


(1995 – 98)

Sheridan College Summer School of the Arts

Instruction: Watercolour Workshop

Watercolour painting, (including Acrylic, Gouache, Mixed media) Designed/taught theory, composition and painting techniques of the International School of Animation.


(1992 – 94)

Instruction: Watercolour Workshop

On location Watercolour seminar.


(1988 – 96)

Okanagan Summer School of the Arts

Instruction: Watercolour Workshop

On-location Drawing and Painting workshops (Composition, Drawing, Colour, Watercolour and Mixed media techniques – July)



(1986 – 96)

Fall Watercolour Workshop

Coordinator, Instructor: Foliage workshop (composition, Drawing, Colour and Watercolour techniques – September)



Sir Sanford Flemming College

Instruction: Watercolour Workshop - Specialty workshop (Techniques in Watercolour – January)


(1984 – 85)

Watercolour Experience School

Assistant Instructor: Assisted Watercolour seminar with Gery Puley, Past President CSPWC – June


(1968 – 78)

Children’s Art Workshops

Instructor: Summer Programs held at the Whitby Art Gallery, Town of Burlington Recreation Dept., YMCA Burlington, and the Children’s’ Storefront in Toronto.




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