Santa Fe Gallery, BIOWOMAN 9 – 2016

October 29 to December 2, 2016
Santa Fe Gallery, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada


BIOWOMAN is an artistic movement that started in St. Petersburg, in 2013 and has travelled from Russia to Germany, Israel, France, USA and now Canada. It is considered by its participants as a series of international traveling exhibitions. As BIOWOMAN travels around the world, the project involves new participants with different backgrounds, age, language and cultural codes.


The uniqueness of the project lies in its spontaneous, self-organizing and open character, exhibiting women artists who work in different genres and techniques (painting, photography, sculpture, installation, digital art etc.). In this regard, one can speak of an entirely new type of art movement, which acts successfully without having a particular leader or permanent curator.


All of the participants are interested in exploring together globally - art in the life of women. This principle is laid down in the project title

BioWoman: Greek meaning of "Bio" translates to "life." Life of a Woman.

BIOWOMAN movement demonstrates bright and diverse art as life itself.

BIOWOMAN 9 – Life of a Woman


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