Rayne Tunley honours graduate from the Ontario College of Art & Design, studied at the Banff School of Fine Art, Three Schools, and is an elected member of the Ontario Society of Artists, Society of Canadian Artists and the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour.  Currently Rayne is the President of the CSPWC. 



In 1973 Rayne attended the Banff School of Fine Art and studied under Tony Urquhart, who gave her scholarship recommendation. She was accepted with a bursary and ‘Advanced Standing’ from Franklin Arbuckle into the Ontario College of Art in 1974. She studied closely with David Chavel, Ross Mendes, Graham Coughtry and Gus Wiseman and graduated in 1977 with honours. Rayne’s continuation of art studies included the “Three Schools of Art”, (later known as the “New School of Art”) in Toronto with instructors: Robert Markle, Dennis Burton, Gordon Rayner, Nobuo Kubota and Graham Coughtry amongst others.


An established teacher of fine arts for more than thirty years, Rayne was a Professor in the Visual Arts and the Classical Animation Program at Sheridan College in Oakville. During her involvement in animation, Rayne put her paintings into movement in a short animated film entitled, “Twisted Tots”, for Bravo!FACT, along with Animator Fred Wilmot. (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent)


Her painting workshops included Sir Sanford Fleming College, the Okanagan Summer School of the Arts, the Rainbow Art Workshops, Madawaska Fall Workshops and Max the Mutt Animation School. Rayne continues to teach independent sessions. 


Rayne has been an active coordinator, guide and instructor with the Art Portfolio Workshops where travels included Czech Republic, Ireland, France, England, Wales, Guernsey, Jersey, Indonesia, Italy, Australia, Alaska, Greece, Austria, Yugoslavia, and many areas of Canada.


Exhibiting her work nationally and internationally, Rayne has won major national awards.

Exhibitions:(group): Art Gallery of Burlington, John A. Libby Art Gallery, Aird Gallery, Museo Nacianal de la Acuarela, (Mexico), Santa Fe Gallery, Roberts Gallery, O’Keefe Centre, Durham Art Gallery, The Visual Arts Gallery, Tom Thompson Memorial Art Gallery.

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