Exhibit in Aurora, ON (May 11 - August 5, 2017)

MOSAIC - Exhibition

Aurora Cultural Centre,

22 Church St., Aurora, ON


May 11 - August 5, 2017



Am honoured to have the painting, "Wind's Cradle", exhibited in the Ontario Society of Artist's MOSAIC exhibition which honours the OSA's 145th Anniversary.






 Rayne Tunley, "Wind's Cradle", 19in x 17in, Watercolour














Wind’s Cradle 

Several of us were painting together at a Llama farm in northern Ontario. The hay fields rolled and swayed in the warm breezes – very much like the sea. 


I nestled in a shady spot near a most interested llama who kept me company until it was too hot to sit there anymore. 


After finding a shadier spot up with the group, I continued to paint the underpainting that would lend way to colour arrangements and mood of the day.

 Photo  - right: taken by Wendy Marsh

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