Château de Grouchy, Osny, Paris, France

Rayne Tunley is honoured to be one of the 5 Canadian artists who are exhibiting in Paris France this spring.


Canadian Pentavisions

An exhibition by Canadian and French artists

at the Château de Grouchy, Osny, Paris, France        

French Couleurs d’Ailleurs

For free PDF of the catalogue, click here: (Free PDF Catalogue)


Two of the paintings being shown in Paris, France below: Rayne Tunley

(to view more of the exhibit download the free catalogue through the link above)


(left) Rayne Tunley, Seventh Wave, 22in x 30in, watercolour


International exhibitions are rare rather than 

regular, serendipitous rather than long-term-

planned, and certainly lively due to their exotic nature. Such is Pentavisions/Couleurs d’Ailleurs, a combination of French and Canadian artistic expression in 2022.


A significant exhibition for our times, this show combines the work of five Canadian, and five French artists, joining in mutual admiration of their unique individual artistic expressions in watercolour. Hosted in the resplendent Château de Grouchy in Osny, Paris, France from May 5 – 25, 2022, the show will travel to Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada’s heritage building, The Helson Gallery, for October through to December 2022.



Canadian Pentavisions: Neville Clarke, Linda Kemp, Peter Marsh, Lin Souliere,

Rayne Tunley


French Couleurs d’Ailleurs: Donna Acheson-Juillet, Contremoulin, Serge Di Meo, Corinne Poplimont  Franck Rollier


left) Rayne Tunley, Wave Crest, 22in x 30in, watercolour

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