Burlington Art Gallery, 2017

On Sunday March 26, 2017 a very special Exhibition opened at the Art Gallery of Burlington and judging by the overwhelming attendance at the Opening Reception the two very special artists featured deserved this spotlight on their work which spanned over 50 years. The “Mother Daughter Exhibition” which featured CSPWC President Rayne Tunley along with Past President Gery Puley, her mom, was a truly special event. The many family members and friend can attest that it was a privilege to see the incredible work of both these outstanding artists.  A special placed should be marked in our CSPWC history book to note the dedication from both these women, in their leadership to our society as well as their passion and enthusiasm for their art.


Gery Puley, elected 1973, now distinguished as a CSPWC Life member for her service, was CSPWC President in 1984-85.  Rayne Tunley, elected 20 years later 1993, is now our current President 30 years later.  What a legacy this family will have in the art world for their hard work and commitment to the medium of watercolour and the arts.  Congratulations on a beautiful show!


- Anita Cotter – CSPWC Administrator



(Below: Photos by Fred Oliver, Photographer)




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