Art Education and Training


Nikon, St. Catharines, ON, Nikon Photography Workshops



Sheridan College, Oakville, ON, Instructor Training Course (A+ evaluation)


(1974 – 1977)     

Ontario College of Art and Design, AOCA, Toronto, ON, (Honours)

Studied closely with: Franklin Arbuckle, David Chavel, Ross Mendes, Graham Coughtry, Nobuo Kubota and Gus Wiseman


(1973 – 1974)     

Three Schools of Fine Art (later known as the “New School of Art”), Toronto, ON

Studied with: Robert Markle, Dennis Burton, Gordon Rayner, Nobuo Kubota and Graham Coughtry among others.



Banff School of Fine Art, Banff, Alberta (Scholarship recommendation)

Studied with: Tony Urquhart, who gave her the scholarship recommendation



Instructor Training Program of Youth Art, Town of Burlington, Burlington, ON


(1960 – 1987)     

Numerous Seminars in Watercolour, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Portraiture, Lino-Print, Pastels


Studied with: Gery Puley (Past President CSPWC) – note: my mother, Gery Puley, and I painted together ever since I could hold a crayon. Although we are individual in our approaches, one cannot dismiss the great influence she has had in my life;  John Watson (Landscapes), Barbara Nechis (watercolour), Jean Twist (portraits in pastel), Pat Fairhead (watercolour and mixed media), Gerard Brender à Brandis (Lino-Print, various printing techniques), Jean Dobie (watercolour), Judi Betts (watercolour), Doris McCarthy (watercolour), Robert Bateman (various mediums)




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